Saturday, 1 August 2009

Magnificent Water Falls Dudhsagar, Gokak and Godchinmalaki

It was a long gap after Amedikal Trek and fortunately Dudhsagar happened at the right time.

After waiting in the railway station for 2 hours the train (Vasco) finally arrived at 8:30 pm and we were off to Dudhsagar. This was going to be my first full fledge railway track trek and I was looking forward to it.

The plan initially was to alight at Castel Rock Station and walk towards Dudhsagar. When we were told that the train would stop for 2 minutes at Dudhsagar Station, we decided to take that option to save time.

But as we crossed Castle Rock the view turned beautiful, with waterfalls at every turn and green hills everywhere. So when the train stopped at a signal we hopped off it and started walking. We walked through 6 tunnels both long and short and we managed to do this without a single torch. We were later told that it could have been dangerous to walk without torch as the tunnels were sometimes home for snakes. The sights during the walk were beautiful and worth every minute we spent.

After 2 hours (8 kms) of walking we finally arrived at the breath taking Dughsagar Waterfall. It is so beautiful that one can watch forever and still not have enough. Since we were told the train back to Castle Rock was only at 5 pm we decided to walk a little further, here laid the most beautiful tunnel passage. 2 tunnels separated by a small waterfall. The water fell from the openings of the tunnels and the bright sunlight made the water drops sparkle. Since there was no one there we had a chance to experiment with our camera. Another 10 mins of walking we were opposite Dudhsagar waterfalls and it looked lot more majestic from here.

Though reluctant we walked back to Dudhsagar Station to board the only train back to civilization. Luckily the train was going all the way to our next destination Belgum.

The day activities had worn us out so after a delicious dinner we went to bed.

The plan next day was to visit Gokak falls and Godchinmalaki falls. We took a bus to Gokak and from there hired an auto for the day. This was not a good idea as the auto driver wanted to get back in a hurry and kept nagging us through the journey.

We decided to visit Godchinmalaki falls first. This is about 16 Kms from Gokak Falls and 20 Kms from the main Gokak town. We had to walk some distance before we could see the waterfalls. Though the view took our breath away the place was so crowded and dirty that we didn’t feel like spending more than 5 minutes here.

The next destination was Gokak falls. Having seen pictures of the falls before we had high expectation but when we got here, there were more people than water. Just as we were giving up hope we spotted nature at work; a rainbow started to form around the falls and stayed for about 5 minutes. It was truly an amazing sight.We spent some time admiring this and as it disappeared we decided to head back. The rainbow remained the topic of discussion all the way back.

This trip had good share of breath taking moments and disappointing ones but at the end it’s definitely one to remember.

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