Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A much deserved break – Coonur (Part 2)

We had big plans for today. We were to visit Dolphin’s Nose, I was told that the view from here was superb.

While we waited for our Uncle, we decided to visit Sim’s Park again. And this time Akshaya managed to find the Rudraksh Tree, unfortunately we didn’t find any seeds.

Just as we finished walking around Uncle called to say he was ready to take us to Dolphin's Nose.

The drive through tea estates and forest was beautiful. But as we near the actual destination all there was to see was mist. We waited a while, drank some tea but the situation was still the same, finally decided to head back home.

On the journey back we discussed the type of tea, tea-flowers etc.

Another delicious lunch and we were ready to explore again. Considering our interest in tea cultivation Uncle decided to take us to his Estate. The Famous Catherine Waterfalls is situated amidst the plantation. The ride turned out to be an exciting one. Not only did we get treated to beautiful scenery, we also spotted a herd of Bison amidst tea plantation. As I watched them I felt that this was their way of reclaiming the forest that men keep encroaching.

By the time we returned it was dinner time. The plan was to go to Wellington Club. Wellington is the place where army officers are sent for education so that they can be eligible for promotions. The club looked like an old British Bungalow. This place also had a collection of old pictures, guns and stuffed animals. Once can easily spend 2 hours looking around. Though the food was not so great, the visit was worth it.

Since we had to leave early next day when we got back we quickly packed and went to bed.

Journey back was another adventure. The drive in the ghat section was beautiful and I kept cursing myself for not driving down. Due to heavy rains some bridges were submerged. The bus had to go through villages and bad roads to reach Mysore. From there it was a smooth drive on the highway. It also meant a end to a lovely weekend.

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