Saturday, 22 August 2009

Gulakamane Lake

When Krishna sent me the write up about this place (which was relatively less) I was sure I had not heard of this place and was eager to explore.

The only direction that we had got was that the lake was close to the Art Of Living Campus. Since it was Ganesh Weekend we decided this was an ideal short trip and we could be back before 10:00 am.

After being misguided once we finally managed to take the right road. One had to go past the Art of Living campus and take a left at the main junction of the next village, after that take the left at Gulakamane village. One can even ask for TK falls and will be guided to this place. (TK Falls is 2 Kms from the Lake)

The whole intention of this trip was to bird watch. When we got there initially except for the beautiful lake, we didn’t see any birds and we were disappointed. But as we walked around the lake we observed folks of muniya, ducks, kites, weaver bird building its nest, white browed bulbul, parakeets, cuckoo, myna, laughing dove, ashley premia, kingfisher, coucal to name a few.

We spent about 2 hours here and then it was time to leave. Though this heaven for bird watchers is close to Bangalore it still remains known to a selected few.

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