Monday, 28 September 2009

Another weekend another destination - Pavagada Fort

When Krishna mentioned Pavagada all I could think of was the famous Shaneshwara temple. As usual the plan was to meet at Aravind's house and leave from there. Before we started we gobbled hot idlies that Aravind’s mom served and left at 8 am.

As we hit the NICE road our drive turned eventful, we noticed some test cars, we chased the cars for some distance till we got close enough to take some pictures.

As we passed them we kept guessing their make and company. Based on recent news we all decided that this could be the new hatch-back from Ford.

After the initial excitement the drive got boring with bad roads and not many birds spotted.

Just as we neared Madhugiri the sight of the sunflowers against the backdrop of the second largest monolithical rock prompted us to stopped and take pictures.

After this our next stop was Pavagada. Since it was Saturday the town was crowded with devotees. However very few people knew about the fort. Finally with some directions we managed to reach the base of the fort.

The start was through open drainage and filth. As we moved up the path was covered with animal dung. The place though of great significance in history is deteriorating and badly kept.

(Pavagada Fort is located in the northeastern part of Tumkur District in Karnataka. It was built in 1405 by a Vijayanagar chieftain. This hill fort witnessed a historic battle between the English and Tipu Sultan.)

The fort has entrance at each level.

Halfway up there is a Hanuman Temple and a little further there is a water tank. Our assumption was that this might have been used to stored water for the entire fort. Krishna commented that the pattern of the fort was similar to the one at Madhugiri. The fort is also guarded by huge boulders. Finally after 50 mins we were on top of one of the watch towers. This is supposed to be the tower where the king sat (not sure if that is true). The view from here was very pretty. We also noticed that there were buildings on the other side. We decided to explore them. As we walked around we realised that there was nothing much one could infer about their use by walking around. We also chanced upon a flight of stairs and this lead to what looked like rooms. For a change it didn't have the musty smell. Since there was nothing much to do after that we started our descent. It was faster than my expectation and we reached back in about 15 mins.

By now our breakfast was digested and we were ready for lunch. As we hunted for a place to eat we decided to try the one that looked better than the rest. But when the food was served we realized that we had made a mistake. We barely ate anything and quickly left. Our only consolation was that we could stop at Kamat Restaurant on the way back and eat good food.

Finally after losing our way couple of times more and making a stop at Kamat we reached Bangalore at 7 pm. Though not one of my most memorable trips it was definitely worth it.


  1. the blog is really nice, but try to put in bigger pics....

  2. The sunflowers look beautiful. Could you post bigger pictures?

  3. that's one glaring difference b/w India & other countries - maintaining our heritage places :(

    Nice write up...

  4. hai.. yesterday I was there... I am having more than 60 photos of that beautiful fort. If u are interested in uploading the same in your blog send me a mail. I will send you some...o.k????

  5. Thanks for your comments guys... From next time I will add links to my pictures as well