Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Fight for Survival

Most of the trips to the wildlife sanctuaries have always with the hope that I get to see the big five up close. The dream was no different this time as well. With some last minute planning I was in Bandipur for the weekend.
The jungle safari felt like a wasted trip as I didn’t spot anything except the spotted deers and wild boars. The driver didn’t stop for birds and I was feeling really low.
Just after the safari, I was headed back to the place I was staying. Close to the Bandipur Forest Office I took a left and had to break hard. On the side of the road was a fight for survival that I had never heard about.
A small cat was fighting with an adult mongoose. Claws out, hair raised, it was jumping about. The mongoose had bared its teeth as well. As I watched the mongoose and cat disappeared in to the trench fighting. I moved my car closer to catch a glimpse. I was just in time to see the mongoose bite the cat in the neck and hold it down. Sound of a vehicle behind me made the mongoose drag the cat into a bush. Initially I could still see the cat struggle and they disappeared deeper into the bush, out of sight I head the cat’s cry slowly died down.
I am not sure what happened after that as I didn’t get down from the car to investigate. I assume the mongoose made a meal of the cat.

Note: All this action happened over 2 mins and hence didn't get too many pictures. Posting the only decent shot I got.


  1. Wow...these are the moments that mesmerize us when we visit the forests. Thanks for sharing, Aishwarya!

  2. That should have been a visual treat.