Sunday, 31 October 2010

Birding in My Backyard

When my parents were contemplating the idea of travelling to North India for 2 weeks, I opted to work from home during that period so that I could keep an eye on things there.

While I was not working I was hoping to experiment with my newly purchased camera. After the initial bit of resting I was ready to explore. Having attended NTP and actively followed the posting by the group, my knowledge about birds was slightly better. Its been a week since I arrived and this my account of what I noticed.

The first day when I managed to get up early I was greeted by the cries/calls of woodpeckers. Though at that time I didn’t know the call, I followed the direction it cam from and was glad to find 2 pairs of Common Golden Backed Woodpecker

After I chased them for a while, I gave up and was walking back when I found a Rufos-Backed Shrike sitting close by

At a distance I noticed some jungle Myna

The evening had some more surprises stored for me. As I walked around the property,

calling continuously was an Indian Rufos Babbler.

As I went closer I also caught sight of spotted dove

During the week in between my calls I managed to catch a glimpse of the following among the flowers and fruit trees

While I spotted a lot of birds, I was at loss when I had to identify them. I had left my field guide back in Bangalore, and from experience know that my sketches weren’t of any use in some cases. Luckily mom had a copy of Feathered Jewels of Coorg by Dr. S.V Narashiman and this proved handy in most situations

While I am extremely excited about all this, I can’t help but wonder why I took so long to uncover the beautiful of the place I grew up in

More Pics here:

List of Birds so far

House Crow

Jungle Crow

Red Cheeked Bulbul

Red Vent Bulbul

White Breasted Kingfisher

Jungle Myna

Indian Rufos Babbler

Rofus Backed Shrike

Large Egret

Twany Eagle

Large Pied Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

Purple Sunbird

Black-Lored Yellow Tit

Great Tit

Pied Bush Chat

Indian Robin

Oriental Magpie Robin

Greenish Leaf Warbler

Asian Brown Flycatcher

Jerdon's Chloropsis

Black Drongo

Common Swallow

Common Golden Backed Woodpecker

Brown Headed Barbet

White Cheeked Barbet

Greater Coucal

Spotted Dove

Plum Headed Parakeet

Blue-winged Parakeet

Indian Pond Heron

Hanging Parrot

Velvet Throated Nuthatch

Eurasian Blackbird

Ashy Woodswallow

Chestnut Tailed Starling

Scarlet Minivet


Scaly Thrush

Loten's Sunbird

Pale Billed Flowerpecker


  1. Great post about backyard birding! Do keep posting, and all the best with more birds!-Deepa.

  2. Is the white necked stork nesting picture taken on the highway between piriyapatna and kushal nagar?
    Nice post and pictures
    Best regards

  3. Great to have a backyard like this where you can go to whenever you have time...