Monday, 2 August 2010

Georgia Sunshine Village

Just completed 5 years in the company and the trip to Georgia Sunshine was almost like a celebration for this. It was a fun trip with friends from work and their families.

We had heard of the home-stay from a friend of ours and decided to give it a try since we were looking for a place somewhere close.

After a good breakfast at SLV in Banashankari 2nd Stage we headed out on Kanakapura Road at 9:30 a.m. Luckily for us the roads were good and we managed to reach Malavalli Junction by 11:30. The home-stay is about 10 kms from here.

We had to drive through a short stretch of gravel road to reach the place. Just as we got there, we found the road blocked by a tempo traveler. Since we could not find the driver anywhere, the men decided to push the TT to the side.
The home-stay is a quite tucked away place between 2 hills. The only sounds you can hear are peafowl and cuckoo cries at a distance. The bird watcher in me was excited about the prospect of spotting some. I decided to wake up early and go for a walk next day.

In the afternoon while the others slept I explored one of the hills. Remembering sessions from the NTP program, I watched out for signs of birds and insects. Watched some red cheeked bulbuls and jungle myna hop between shrubs. The sun birds and peafowl could be heard at a distance. The sight on the top was beautiful and I cursed myself for not carrying a camera and notebook. As just as I headed back to my cottage I saw a spotted owl, he was sizing me up and we looked at each other for a while. Then he got bored and flew away and I went to narrate my experience to my friends

Rest of the day was spent swimming, playing Table Tennis, Foozball, Pictionary, eating and drinking. For the priced charged the food was not great. I enjoyed my desserts but the rest of the food wasn’t something I would remember. We retired to bed by about 1 am.

Next morning some of us were up and about early. We decided to visit the canal nearby. It was a short walkand since it was early we managed to spot birds like Gery Horn Bill, Rose Ringed Parakeets, Owl Copper Smith Barbet and regulars like sun bird, myna and crows.

The other interesting sight was the butterflies. We saw some pretty ones and managed to capture some on camera (yeah finally). While we were not watching the butterflies some of us tried swinging on the Banyan roots, it bought back memories on childhood. After an hour of walking we headed back for breakfast. And before we knew it it was time to head back to civilisation

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  1. Hi aishwarya you have written nice post on devaramane truly this is one of awesome place which is very near to mudigere city