Friday, 15 May 2009

Fond Memories of MP - Bhimbetka

We arrived at Bhimbetka pretty early in the morning. Looking at the parking lot we didn’t expect too many people at the rock shelters. The first task for the day was to find a guide. This was one place where we made a mistake of not enquiring about it in the MPSTDC Office. We took the first person who approached us.

This turned out to be a big mistake. The so called guide didn’t know much except the obvious details. We ended up interpreting drawings on our own or listening to other guides who seemed slightly better.

The place as such is scenic. One can see amazing rock formation

along with ancient drawings. The paintings are said to be spread across 10 acres in different caves but 14 caves are cordoned off for the visiting tourists.

There is a good attempt made to preserve Bhimbettka, but there is no education among tourists about preserving this. While we were there a group of students were trying to chip of the rock corners. Worse still was the fact that their lecture joined them instead of preventing from doing any damage. And the so called guard just looked away. Considering the importance of the place I only wish they would be a lot stricter.

We were done with out sight seeing or should I say cave exploration by 2 hours and were ready to head to the next destination.

Tips: Stop at the MPTDC highway restaurant to get information about guides.

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  1. Nice seductive pictures. The place is really scenic.